With a focus on technological activities, we offer a wide range of in-person and virtual activities to meet any need.



Technological Game

Collaborative activity that combines video game and escape room features.

Common Sense

Team Contest

A fast-paced competition of assorted challenges hosted live.

iPad Hunt

Geolocated Gymkhana

Orientation race where teams face challenges with an iPad.

Paella Challenge

Gastronomic Experience

Authentic Mediterranean paella experience for you to learn and enjoy.

Creativity Studio

Artistic Experience

Collaborative painting of a canvas to bring out the painter in all of us.

Rhythm Workshop

Musical Experience

Percussion and culture come together to get your team in tune.

Ultimate Team Quest


A series of physical challenges in which teamwork is essential.

Tapas Cook-Off

Gastronomic Experience

Competition to become a master chef and create unique tapas.


Pharaoh Quest

Virtual Escape Room

Collaborative archaeological adventure to strengthen team communication.

Common Sense

Team Contest

A fast-paced competition of assorted challenges hosted live.

Climate Change Challenge

Sustainability Challenge

A game to promote climate change awareness.

Office Party

Fun Virtual Challenge

A fun team competition with challenges about geography, music, sports...


Virtual Escape Room

Collaborative challenge with a futuristic theme and advanced difficulty.

Einstein VS The Virus

Kids Escape Room Virtual

A scientific adventure for the whole family to enjoy.

Virtual Social

Team Trivia Contest

Team competition on a platform with built-in video conferencing.

To the Races

Racetrack Challenge

Competitive betting and horse management in a frenetic virtual racetrack.

Elephants on Mars

Resource Management Challenge

A difficult space project requires the best management and coordination.

The Real Paella

Spanish Cooking Masterclass 

Workshop focused on the Mediterranean paella and how it brings people together.

Tiramisù Art

Italian Cooking Masterclass

Cooking class where you will learn the best kept secrets of this popular dessert.

Life in Venice

Cultural Masterclass

Discover everyday life in one of the most famous cities in the world.

Chicago’s Architecture

Cultural Masterclass

A tour through the history and charms of a great symbol of the 20th century United States.

Dragon’s Hoard

Adventure Challenge

Time to steal a treasure guarded by a dragon, what could go wrong?

Energy Source

Virtual Escape Room

Post-apocalyptic adventure with logic and lateral thinking challenges.

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