“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”

Henry Ford

Teaming Labs was founded by two friends determined to create valuable and unique gaming experiences.

With an engineering background and an entrepreneurial spirit, we started doing electromechanical prototyping projects and ended up creating puzzles, mechanisms and designs for escape rooms.

It was then that we decided to start the Teaming Labs project, where we could use our knowledge and experience to create a portable collaborative game capable of making the most out of team dynamics.

That’s how SYNERGYK came to life.

Since then our purpose has been to unite business and gaming, making it a key tool for learning. To achieve this, we continue to create games that are based on social psychology guidelines and use technology as a means to create a unique user experience.

And here is all of our team…

Jordi Soley

Co-founder | CTO

Alberto Raya


Jordi Figols

Co-founder | COO

Marc Pérez

Marc Pérez


Elena Carrascosa

Content & Comms

Aina Molist

Aina Molist


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