These are some of the projects we have worked on. Most of them come from clients who ask for a custom development to cover a specific need.

Escape room challenge for exhibition


Client: Zoopa

Browser web application for mobile devices that complements an exhibition about a TV show. The challenge accompanies the visitor through several rooms where they have to solve tests by interacting with the exhibition.

Stand Challenge

Creation of a platform to gamify the interaction with booths in fairs. It allows to create interactive challenges in which users have to look for hidden QRs and solve tests in which they learn about the booth.

Adaptation of the SYNERGYK game for Catalyst

Client: Catalyst

Following the international licensing agreement for the worldwide team building conglomerate Catalyst, a new version of SYNERGYK has been developed to meet their needs. The new version includes hardware improvements to make it more portable and easier to repair and new software features requested by the customer. In addition, a massive production of play sets has been made to service the more than 15 countries in which it will be present.

Virtual cybersecurity and career development escape room

Client: Saint Gobain Spain

Creation of two training games for different departments of Saint Gobain. A game about career development for their “Career Day” event and a game about cybersecurity for cybersecurity trainings. Both games have been developed on the platform.

Training virtual escape room

Client: Astra Zeneca UAE

Creation of a training game on a new pharmaceutical product launch protocol. The training was repeated in virtual and hybrid formats at several sites in the Gulf countries. The game was developed on the platform.

Activity to strengthen company culture

Client: YABA

Adaptation of the Virtual Social activity with customized content for a team building session around company values. This project was the culmination of a process of defining the client’s corporate culture.

Virtual game for FCB events

Client: Tuset Events

Game for the Barça company’s virtual events. It is a virtual escape room developed on the platform that tests the participants’ knowledge about the club.

Virtual challenge to promote tourism

Client: Zoopa

Virtual challenge to promote sports tourism in Catalonia. The challenge features some influencers from the sports world.

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